The Facial Toner & Reasons why you should be using one


One of the most common questions I get from my clients each day is. “What is a toner and why do I have to use one?” Many people are under the assumption that the toner is a useless addition to their skincare regime and is simply racking up the dollars.
NOT TRUE. Toner’s can wonderfully improve the overall health of your skin!
Personally, I can tell a dramatic difference in my overall skin quality when using a toner, and instantly notice a difference with even one day of omitting it. This is not to say that every toner on the market works wonders for all skin types, or even does anything at all. I have seen and used some pretty junky toners in my day and with an experience like that, there is no wonder they have gotten such a bad reputation. Once you find the ideal Toner formulation for you skin type and concerns, you will be one step closer to achieving that radiant, even toned and healthy complexion that you so desire.

So what is a Toner?

A Toner is meant to be used after cleansing the skin and comes in various forms. They were originally created to re balance the PH of the skin after cleansing, but are rarely used as such anymore because most high quality, natural cleansers are already PH balanced, although there still may be some exceptions. They come in many different formulations and packaging for all different skin types and preferences, but here is what they really can do for your skin…
| Deep clean the skin and remove excess makeup, dirt or cleanser (many of us do not properly remove makeup or rinse off cleanser, this is a whole other story!)
| Depending on your selected formula a toner can re-hydrate, calm, balance or have purifying and oil regulating benefits
| If you use a toner with a cotton pad, this will gently exfoliate the skin and help with congestion and excess dryness on the skin, leaving your skin more even toned and smooth
| Some toners with active concentrations of ingredients are like skin conditioners or a liquid serum. They add beneficial ingredients to your skin, adding to the overall health of your complexion
| Toners provide a preparation for the skin to help the absorption of your other skincare products afterwards, leading to a better over all result of everything else you are using

Visit a Skincare Specialist or Esthetician that you trust, find a toner that is best suited to you, and try it. I guarantee you will see improvement in your skin!


7 Responses to “The Facial Toner & Reasons why you should be using one”

  1. Kathryne says:

    It wasn’t until I started green beauty blogging that I really started understanding the importance of toner. It truly does make a difference, and now that I have like 14 of them, I love using them everyday! The biggest and best part to be is how is preps your skin for the products you use after it whether it be serums or moisturizers or oil. :0) Yay! Great post! – Kathryne

  2. Great post, I love using toners/floral water and have used them for many years, I do feel they benefit my skin for a variety of reasons :-)

  3. Hime says:

    I love using floral water or toner to remove any dirt I missed during make-up removal at night and to refresh my skin in the morning. I feel I forgot something when I don’t use one, it’s become a part of my daily routine ^^
    But there are still some toners out there I think aren’t worth their price, because although they were made with excellent ingredients you mainly pay the packaging ^^’

  4. Jana says:

    Lovely post dear! I’m so annoyed when everyone just keep saying that toner is only for removing excess makeup and dirt and nothing else. I mean hello you’re not doing it right if there’s still makeup on your face after using cleanser :))
    I think toners are great but I actually haven’t tried a lot of them, I’m very faithful to rose water<3

  5. I remember reading articles when I was younger that said toners were an unnecessary step for skincare cleansing, and left them out of my own routine for a long time. Now, I know better! I do think knowing when to use your toner is a matter of preference – my skin feels perfectly balanced after I oil cleanse in the morning, so I tend to use my toner in the evening. But, some of my friends like to use their toners in the morning as a way to “prime” their face before they put on their makeup. Your skin will let you know what it likes best!

  6. I prefer rose water on daily basis but once in a week i use toners to remove excess dirt on skin. Most of us use cleansing milk as a makeup remover but they don’t remove all the dirt. Toners are perfect for total cleaning.

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