My Winterproof skin routine

I am a strong believer in customizing skin regimens according to season ! About 3 times a year I will change up my skin routine to suit the change in temperature to make sure my skin stays in healthy, tip-top shape 365 days a year, or for as many of those days as I can!  Here are some of my favorite Winterproof products that help protect and nourish my skin during the coldest, driest months!


(In order 1-9 of how I use the products)

1. Neuth Creme De Visage (Cleansing Cream) This ultimate rich cleansing cream is an ideal facial cleanser for the bitter dry and cold. Suitable for Dry~ Very Dry and Sensitive Skin, the Neuth Creme De Visage will instantly re-hydrate and plump the skin.

2. Caudalie Eau De Raisin (Pure Grape Water) is a wonderful hydrating spray that I use after cleansing to add a little extra moisture and through out the day for that immediate burst of hydration!

3. Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaloronic Serum is one of my all time tried and true favorite hydrating serum’s. When I place it on my skin, my skin is soothed, hydrated and plumped! It’s gel texture absorbs instantly and works on the deeper layers of the epidermis to help skin stay soft and hydrated from the inside out.

4. Lina Hanson Global Face Serum is an oil serum that I use over top of my gel serum or on its own to deeply nourish and balance my skin when it is extremely dry.  The Global Face Serum has an amazingly smooth texture that leaves my skin so unbelievably soft and glowing!

5. Suki Eye Repair Balm is the ultimate moisturizing treatment for extremely dry & irritated eyes. I have used the Suki Eye Repair Balm all year round but during the Winter Season my eczema begins to come about- especially around my eyes! This eye balm works phenomenal to soothe and repair any irritation or dryness!

6. Weleda Wild Rose Lotion is a lightweight hydrating lotion that works perfectly to nourish and calm my skin during the day. Since I wear a hydrating makeup, the Wild Rose Lotion is just enough moisture for the daytime!

7. Badger SPF 30 Lotion is an awesome lightweight sunscreen that I use over top of my daily lotion if I am going to be spending the day outside. I do not believe that sun protection is required everyday, especially during the winter months or if you work indoors- but if you are going to be spending the day on the slopes, I definitely recommend extra protection! If I am at work or having a cozy cuddle day, my lotion or mineral powder does just fine!

8. Aroma Crystal Ohm Cream is a luxurious, rich cream that is perfect for dry/ dehydrated skin and I use it in the evening as my night cream. It repairs my skin overnight and hydrates so deeply that my skin feels so soft and healthy when I wake up.

9. Jurlique Love Balm is a multi-purpose moisture balm for everything and anything dry! I use the Jurlique Love Balm on my lips, cuticles, hands and heels. It is also perfect for putting all over the skin to protect against wind and cold!

What are your Winterproof must have products? Let me know below!


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  1. Great post! I have extremely sensitive skin and in the winter months I am prone to dryness and eczema. I don’t know how I ever lived without CV Skinlabs. I use every product in the line every day for my skin and it’s helped any eczema or dryness immensely. I love that Suki eye balm, it does help with eyelid eczema and dryness! Lately though I’ve been testing out One Love Organics Vitamin E Balm and so far I love it. It’s very hydrating and goes on lighter than the Suki balm which makes it great to wear even under makeup. I am a huge fan of Weleda, especially their face creams. My favorite is their Sweet Almond. I love the cream and the lotion. They are wonderful.

    I now want that Strawberry Serum! It sounds amazing!

    • baileyrose says:

      Ohh! I must try that one love eye balm! I also adore the Weleda Almond line, It works so well! You should for sure try the Eminence Serum, it is seriously amazing!

  2. Brianna says:

    Fantastic post! That cleansing cream is definitely catching my eye!

  3. Alison says:

    We love the Neuth Organic Creme pour Visage, too!! What a great list of products, looking forward to checking out the others soon. Stay warm this winter!

  4. Paul says:

    That Neuth cream is pretty awesome. My wife insisted that I start using it after my late work hours were making my skin look a little rough. I’ll tell you, it’s easier to bounce back psychologically from working round the clock when you see a refreshed face looking back at you in the mirror.

  5. Ru says:

    I use Caudalie Beauty Elixir for my period-days only and I was contemplating the Grape Water since the latter is less costly. Does it smell like grapes? ;p I’ve recently treated myself to May Lindtrom’s Blue Cocoon and it worked magic on my dehydrated flaky skin!

    • baileyrose says:

      Hello :)
      It does not smell like Grapes! But it is a great, basic hydration spray. I REALLY need to try May’s Blue Cocoon, I have heard phenomenal things- Thanks for reading!!!

  6. Great post :-))

    I have reviewed the Caudalie grape water a while ago :-)..

    Would love to try the Eminence serum…looks so lovely.

    I am doing lots of DIY beauty products at the moment (honey cleanser, avocado mask…). Thought I would give it a go with raw ingredients :-))) but still using very Acure Argan oil and Unique Naturals face oils.

  7. Gracie says:

    I really loved this comprehensive list :) just a question, are all of the products that you use natural+ organic without all that chemical nasty stuff? I really want to start out in skincare using these natural products, but the prices of some brands intimidate me. I haven’t been using too much chemical infested products/ makeup yet, so switching to natural would be my priority. Thanks for reading!

    • baileyrose says:


      Thanks for reading :)
      Everything I use and feature on Bailey Blush is natural, organic and non toxic. I am 100% against using conventional products with added unnecessary ingredients due to their proven detriment in health.

      Thank you

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