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This week’s Natural Beauty was the first Natural, Non-Toxic beauty blogger that I read and she inspired me to start my own journey in the natural beauty blogging world. This unique and drop dead gorgeous beauty creates stunning and dramatic looks using all natural makeup, as well as other creative and effective DIY concoctions. She has beautiful curves that we adore and promotes a healthy, realistic body image through a holistic lifestyle!

I present to you this weeks Favorite Natural Beauty, the always lovely…

Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie


Where are you from?

I am from The Berkshires, Massachusetts but I now split my time between Massachusetts and New York.

Other than writing about non-toxic beauty, what do you do?

I write for other natural beauty sites as well as freelance as a makeup artist and photographer. 

How long have you been using non-toxic cosmetics?

I first started incorporating non-toxic products into my beauty routine about two or three years ago, after first learning about things like Parabens, etc. I did research but not enough and honestly was not in a mindset where I was ready to change all of my products over. I started slowly and began to only use natural skincare products and then the more I realized how much better my skin looked and felt from using natural products and the more I studied about the harmful effects of mainstream beauty products, the more disgusted I became when reading labels. It wasn’t until a year ago that I made the switch to completely natural and non-toxic products and I haven’t looked back since!

Why or what led you to going all natural with your beauty products?

I have always been a sensitive person. I have dealt with chronic health issues which lead me onto a path of researching about living a healthy and detoxed way of life. I stopped eating Gluten and Dairy. I started eating more fresh foods and juicing. I even went entirely Raw Vegan for a year of my life and in that time I worked with Natalia Rose author of The Raw Food Detox Diet and interned for her. I helped her with her second book and I spent a lot of time in the Raw food community, and although I am no longer “100 raw” I learned to incorporate the best of knowledge I learned in that time and I also met so many like-minded people, many who will be life-long friends. I learned a great deal about living a detoxed way of life and how important it is to limit your exposure to toxins. I have been very passionate about health for years now but while I had made significant changes in my eating, I was still using really harmful beauty products all while I was trying to heal myself. When I made the realization that if I wanted to truly live a detoxed way of life that I would have to also be conscious about what I am putting ON my skin and not just IN it, I made the switch.

What changes and benefits have you noticed in beauty or health since making the switch?

Well for starters my hair has never been healthier. I only have to wash it a few times a week and it grows so fast. My nails also grow really fast now and look so much healthier than they used to. My skin can no longer tolerate mainstream products as it is so used to clean ingredients.

What are your favorite, most recommended brands?

I usually recommend skincare brands that are good for those with sensitive or reactive skin. I receive many messages from readers inquiring about products for their skin and 9 times out of 10 it’s because they have sensitive skin that is acne prone or eczema prone, etc. I like to stick with the brands that I know from personal experience really work.

Skincare: CV Skinlabs, Osmia Organics, Weleda, Pai Skincare, May Lindstrom Skin.

For makeup I tend to recommend the following brands because they have a vast majority of colors and they have great lasting power! 

Jane Iredale, RMS Beauty, Vapour Organic Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Ilia Beauty, W3LL People, Zuzu Luxe, Alima Pure.

What are 3 tips you can offer someone looking to go green with their beauty routine?

1.) Do the research – I can tell my friends a million times that they would be better off not using majority of the products that they are and I can even explain to them why but at the end of the day people need to do their own research. When you really take the time to read about the harmful effects of most of the ingredients in mainstream products it’s likely you will want to make the change for yourself.

2.) Make the switch slowly – I think it’s very important to not focus on immediately using only natural products. Why? because this can tend to either make people spend a lot of money buying a ton of natural products at once to try and make up for their previously filled makeup bag or because it puts you in an obsessed state of mind which is never healthy. It is best to start slowly and change the basics: I always tell people to change their deodorant first, body lotion second, then lip products, foundation and move on from there.

3.) Don’t be so hard on yourself – Living a more natural lifestyle is not a diet. It’s not something you can “cheat” on. If you want to wear a lipstick that has bad ingredients to a special event or if you have a mascara that works better than any other natural mascara you have used, then I tell people, use them and don’t be hard on yourself. If your goal is to limit the amount of toxins you are exposed to then wearing a non-natural product here and there is not going to deter you. We are all human. I am often asked if I “only use” natural products and my answer is 90% of the time all I use are natural products. Do I still wear a Covergirl Lashblast Mascara for special night outs? You betcha. Do I still keep a Kevyn Aucoin concealer in case I need serious dark circle coverage? I certainly do! But if you did look through my collection a non-natural product would be very few and far between. The most important thing for me is balance. This goes for every aspect of my life. 

Other than natural, non-toxic beauty what interests do you have?

Oh, so many. I really enjoy the little things in life and can find beauty in sometimes the simplest of things. I love to spend my time creating things: skincare and haircare products, jewelry, etc. I love researching anything relating to beauty and health. I love film. I love reading and writing. I love spending time with my animals and my closest loved ones.

Other loves:

Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Photography, Yoga & Pilates, Film, Music, Poetry, Meditation, Creating, Cooking, Concocting.


A huge thank you to Britanie for taking the time to be a part of my Favorite Natural Beauties Series! Check out her amazing site at

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