My journey through Postpartum Depression


I have received many messages and emails regarding my whereabouts on the blog and other social media over the past year and a half. What was once a thriving, lively blog has now drifted into near non-existence... Today I am here to speak to you about has been going on, the most difficult 10 months of my entire life, my journey living with Postpartum Depression. I have barely spoke to anyone about my Postpartum depression, the only people who truly know ...

Blissoma Skincare Review


Non-toxic, Eco Conscious, Animal friendly skincare that actually works! That's how I would sum up my experience with Blissoma skincare. I was sent 4 products from the line and have been using them for several months- here is a bit more about them and my thoughts on how they work. Fresh | Mild Rice Facial Cleanser Good for: Normal, dry or combination skin types What's it like?: Light lotion texture with mild exfoliation, moisturizing and good for daily use Key ingredients: Organic ...

4 things about beauty, I wish I’d known when I was young


When I was a teen and young adult I had some warped ideas about beauty; I felt as if I was truly unattractive and started searching for ways to make myself more appealing. Music, movies and models gave me a less than realistic idea of how I should look, and the struggle was real! In an attempt to achieve this ultimate beauty I did and thought many things, which in reflection are totally ridiculous. Over the years I have become ...

Laurel Whole Plant Organics | Facial Elixir & Serum


I had the opportunity to try two products from the line Laurel Whole Plant Organics- I was sent these products a while back, so this review is quite overdue! Laurel Whole Plant Organics is a skincare line based in the richness and purity of organic and biodynamic herbs, flowers and plants. Upon receiving the Facial Elixir and Serum, I looked at the ingredients list and both of these products have an impeccable line up of ingredients! No questionable's whatsoever, just pure ...

Taking a Blog Break! Be back soon *please read

As many of you know from my other social media outlets- I am expecting a baby! I am literally (as we speak) waiting for any sign that he may be arriving as I am 40 + weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has been a total blessing but pretty well kicked the snot out of me. From about 20 weeks pregnant I have been unable to live my life as I did pre-pregnancy, due to intense fatigue that has since to let ...

Skincare for Mature skin via Saje Wellness


Check out my post on Skincare for Mature Skin via the Saje Wellness Blog!  

GIVEAWAY | Lavina Skincare Barbary Fig Seed Oil + Argan Oil


Back in July I wrote a review about my wonderful experience using Lavina Skincare's Barbary Fig Seed Oil --> read review here Today I am pleased to announce that Lavina Skincare and Bailey Blush have come together to offer you a chance to win a Barbary Fig Seed Oil + Argan Oil! This giveaway is international and will be open for one month. Take a few seconds to enter this amazing giveaway below and ...

My favorite Natural Beauties | Cori of Well Beauty Blog


This pug lovin' registered dietician is one of my favorite natural bloggers. A one stop blog with beauty, eco-living and health posts; her blog is a must follow! Meet my next favorite Natural Beauty... Cori of Well Beauty Blog 1. Where are you from? Sunny Arizona - born and raised! 2. Other than writing about non-toxic beauty, what do you do? I am a Registered Dietitian and was working full time and teaching a college class part time, ...

Rachel’s Plan Bee | Facial Oil & Body Polish {review}

Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil Box

I have been using Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil & Body Polish for months now. This review is terribly overdue! I have been loving both these products very much and am excited to finally share them with you, so let's jump straight into my thoughts! Facial Oil This nourishing face oil with apricot, squalene, grapeseed and cranberry oil is amazing for dry/ dehydrated skin. The lovely combination of nutrient oils instantly soothes the skin while offering ...

10 Steps to Amazing Skin via Saje Wellness


Check out my post via the Saje Wellness blog on 10 Steps to Amazing Skin!

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